About intuo

We help people and businesses thrive worldwide.

Why does intuo exist?

We want to help people to be truly happy at their job and let organizations succeed in their mission by enabling a stronger coaching culture. 💪

What does intuo stand for?

These are the four strategic anchors that we take into account in our day-to-day decision making. Making sure we always deliver!


Whether it's helping each other internally or reaching out to organizations, our aim is always to support. We believe in gathering people's strengths and firing them at whatever the challenge may be. Our partners carry the same values so intuo can always stay true to our its mission.


We focus on talent, and the motivation to get the most out of that talent. Experience, status, network... all play second fiddle when it comes to a person's qualities. That's why we aim to track, coach and acknowledge people's talents as much as possible. Managed by people, supported by technology.


Intuo brings together research, technology, and human interaction for a future-proof work environment. We believe that the only way forward for a company is to make sure that every individual and team goes forward as well. Organizational achievements and success are the culmination of everyone's efforts.


An attractive company culture is the magnet that pulls in great talent. We make it a priority to maintain a culture where every person can be themselves. It's important to have a great fit with the company as it leads to more honesty and openness. People communicate better, issues get resolved faster, and happiness reigns supreme.

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An enthousiastic team

Our team

What does intuo value?

People. It's as simple as that. The strongest asset of any organization is, and always will be, its people. Treat them well and they'll excel.

Life at Intuo

Performance culture

We are a software company first and foremost, so we aim to deliver the highest quality in technology. Our product team takes the lead in the quest for perfection and our developers take great care into translating these high standards to our platform. A rapidly shifting market makes us stay on our toes, just the way we like it.

Life at Intuo
Engineering culture

Engaging environment

Every person in the company knows why we do what we do. The drive is real. New employees can instantly feel it, experienced ones treasure it. Honesty and passion play a big part in this. Every bit of effort gets recognized and every member of the intuo family makes sure the others can thrive.

Human interaction

Energy Management

Both physical and mental well-being reign supreme at intuo. We don't believe in the 9-5 mentality. We know people have their moments. Some moments are for excelling, others are for recharging. Some people work better from home, others feed off the enthusiasm of their colleagues. Every type of character has its place within intuo.

Human interaction
Team activities

Living the good life

Work and fun go hand in hand. New employees feel right at home from the get-go and have no trouble making friends in the office. Our people get a lot of opportunities to explore their passions outside of work, only to tell us all about them during one of our many company dinners or drinks, followed by a bit of laughing and dancing.