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intuo Partnerships Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

The intuo Partner Program is a multi-tiered partner model offering partnerships at four different levels, each with their own prerequisites and benefits:


Our resellers are companies with extensive knowledge of HR software and often offer the Intuo platform next to other complementary tools and services. Our Intuo certified resellers know how to implement a high-performance culture and scale it using the Intuo suite.

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Strategic Partner

When it comes to tackling big projects, Intuo uses a carefully selected network of structural partners that can help link a program of creating a high-performance culture to the organization’s strategy. They have solid experience in change management, strategic project management and know how to translate business goals into corporate programs.

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Personal/leadership Coaches

If needed, intuo is willing to open up its network of personal/leadership coaches, so they can work on a change in mindset one group/individual at a time. These are often people introducing us into a company after having done sessions with senior leadership. Intuo has the role of extrapolating what they have been learning in the sessions into the future and into the whole company.

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Knowledge Partner

Aside from delivering actual workshops to help with creating a high-performance culture, we also have knowledge partners, who deliver material to help you roll-out such a culture yourself. With agile performance management for HR decision makers and events/resources for others, we and our partners will deliver all knowledge necessary to boost retention and performance.

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What We Offer

As in every company our technology is only a facilitator, we need talent professionals and coaches to guide people and companies towards success.
Full support

We have a dedicated partner channel to deliver success for every customer

Extra training

Join our forces and become part of a growing community of coaches dedicated to develop a thriving state of mind at work.

Personal demo account

Have your own platform to facilitate your sales process.


Make money by helping companies worldwide by using our toolbox and your personal experience in coaching for performance.

Help team leaders, members and CEO's

Becoming an intuo partner means you will have access to the knowledge and services of a blooming and high-potential provider of the learning and performance management solution for all industries. Whether you build, sell or implement our solution, a partnership with Intuo will certainly help you increase your customer satisfaction and will add revenue to your existing business. Add your unique expertise to our partner network and meet the needs of customers from all industries.