Well-being and Retention

Issue Detection and Prevention

Employee and Company Culture


Send out Bite-sized Surveys


Acknowledge Your People's Needs

Engaged employees recognize the needs of both their coworkers and the company. Overall success becomes a personal matter as their achievements directly influence the organizational ones and vice versa.

Happiness at work is more than just having laughs at the office. It’s about commitment and satisfaction.

Send out Customizable Question Pulses

Organizational and Team-based Filtering

Custom Feedback Overview

Available on Desktop and Mobile App

"We recently had a merger and Intuo has proven
to be the perfect tool to preserve our culture"

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How to cater with Millenials in this
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Powerful Pulses and Questions
Intuo's engagement feature allows for both pre-set and custom questions to make your employees think and communicate about their current state.
Transparent Team-based Reporting
Filter by team to have a more detailed impression of how specific departments are doing. Isolate issues and take preemptive actions to improve their engagement.
Seamless Workflow Integration
Save time by implementing our pulses and surveys straight into your natural workflow. No extra hassle for employees to give their valuable input.
Both on Desktop and Mobile
Answer pulses when it's most convenient. Our mobile app notifies you when a new pulse is ready and lets you choose when to submit.
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Other Features

Agile Objectives

Set both personal and organizational goals. Focus and align your efforts this way.
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360° Feedback

Give and request feedback. Flawlessly integrated throughout the platform.
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Guided Check-ins

Easy coaching conversations with customizable flow and questions.
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Learning Management

Streamline your onboarding and knowledge distribution. For employees and partners.
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