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  • Feedback & Praise

    Ask, give, aggregate and use both internal and external feedback throughout your process.

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  • Engagement Pulses

    Detect opportunities and prevent issues by sending out mini-surveys on the state of your culture.

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  • Conversations

    From onboarding interviews to performance reviews, manage worthwhile conversations.

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  • Objectives

    Translate your company's strategy into transparent objectives and align them with your people's goals.

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  • Learning

    Aim for certified, cost-effective job and product knowledge with a user-friendly learning platform.

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  • People Analytics

    Uncover high-performers and make sound strategic decisions with data aggregation and analysis.

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Whether it's digitising your current process, streamlining your coaching moments or establishing an appealing company culture, intuo enables you to tailor your talent management cycle to your needs.


Digitise or streamline your current process.


Add more meaningful employee touchpoints.


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